Smart Home Assessment

The assessment includes an inspection of many systems to include HVAC, safety & security, lighting, technology including WiFi, and electrical & wiring to help determine what smart home devices best fit in your space with your goals and budget in mind.  Examples of several items covered during the assessment are listed below; all of these are dependent on what types of devices interest you.

  • Smart thermostats are designed to work with 24 Volts AC coming from your furnace/cooling system. While the 24 Volts are not always required, the devices are not compatible with 120 Volts AC at the thermostat terminals.

  • Smart door locks are compatible with most common brand name deadbolts. However, the deadbolt must be working smoothly and without friction prior to the installation.  If your door is custom built or has glass panels, modifications might be needed before the device can be installed.

  • Some devices have components that require being plugged into a standard 120 Volt AC outlet. Often this location needs line of sight to the device and cannot be more than 8 – 10 feet away.

  • Smart lighting systems can replace many of the common switches found in homes. However, you may require extra components if a light or bank of lights is controlled from more than one location.

  • Smart cameras that plug into standard 120 Volt AC outlets will have cords that restrict their placement. A USB extension cord could be used to place a camera in a desired location that is farther away from the outlet.

  • A wireless home network with internet access is required for many smart products to operate. Many devices connect directly to the network, but some will require an accompanying hub to be connected to an open port on the router.

  • The signal strength of the wireless network is important for most smart devices. Sometimes a repeater or extender is necessary to bring an appropriate signal strength to an area of the home.

You may wonder, "Why should I have a smart home assessment?

It is important to determine how smart home products will work in your home, where their optimal location will be, and whether modifications are necessary prior to installation.

Is a smart home assessment required?

An assessment is not required for Smart Home Solutions to install any of the smart home products we support, however we highly recommend it in order to meet your goals with no unforeseen installation issues and in a timely fashion.

We look forward to talking with you about your choices.  Smart Home Solutions LLC will install the smart home products you choose so they operate trouble free.  Additionally, we will show you how to use the devices so that you can enjoy a smart home for years to come! 

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