5G Is Coming.  (Haven't You Heard?)

While many have heard that 5G is coming, precious few understand what it is.  Both Verizon in downtown Boston and AT&T in the non-specific ‘eastern Massachusetts’ have made announcements recently about the impact 5G will have, at least for some customers.

Fundamentally, increased data speed and bandwidth for mobile devices is what 5G is all about.  However, users must have devices with 5G capabilities to take advantage of this next generation network.  Faster buffering and speeds will come in time as you upgrade to compatible devices.

 Cellphones became possible with the first generation of the cellular network.  Texting became possible with the second generation, while the third generation brought us mobile browsing on the internet and GPS capabilities.  The fourth generation that we all are currently using gave us more reliable data streaming best understood as video calls and video playback.  Now 5G is about to be deployed as the next generation of cellular network technology.  Promised are another big jump in data speed to enable higher quality streaming, video chats with no lag time, and virtual reality capabilities.  Along with those tangible benefits there are some creative interconnected technologies being explored.  Smart city services and self-driving cars are two examples of milestones on the horizon that will become more realistic as the 5G network develops.

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