Where should I locate my thermostat?

Does it matter where in the house my thermostat is located?

It certainly seems that the most popular location for thermostats leading up to this decade was hallways.  That made sense for older style thermostats that had to be placed away from anything that could create extreme temperatures, for example direct sunlight or a drafty window.  Ultimately, for the most accurate reading thermostat placement should avoid an isolated room, or hallway, that tends to get colder or hotter than the main part of the house.

When upgrading to a smart thermostat the easiest solution is to use the existing wiring currently in place.  If this old location is not the best physical choice there is an option to rewire the device in a better physical location.  There will be a cost to rewire so a consideration should also be to choose a smart thermostat that has a remote temperature sensor device that can be paired with the main thermostat.  This small wireless device can be moved to monitor the temperature in the room you choose, enabling more balanced heating and cooling across the zone.

Leading Smart Thermostat manufacturers Google Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell all have products that can be paired with remote temperature sensor devices.  Which will you choose?

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