‘Eco Temperature’ settings can help you save energy.  ‘Safety Temperature’ settings help protect your home.

The ‘Safety Temperature’ settings in extreme cold or hot weather will protect your home.  When it is extremely cold and the minimum safety temperature is exceeded, the heat will turn on to prevent the pipes from freezing.  When it is extremely hot and the maximum safety temperature is exceeded, the AC will turn on to prevent the house from overheating.  It doesn’t matter what mode your thermostat is in when the safety temperature threshold is exceeded, the appropriate equipment will turn on.  In either scenario a notification will appear on your smart device.  All devices ship with 40° as the low temperature and no setting for the cooling side.

The ‘Eco Temperature’ settings were chosen when the thermostat was first installed.  This mode prevents your equipment from running and using energy when there isn’t anyone home.  The default settings I use during installations are 50° as the low and 80° as the high.  These temperatures are maintained whenever the device is in ‘Eco’ mode.  To activate ‘Eco’ mode you can set it manually, change your Home/Away setting to ‘Away’, or allow the device to switch automatically when it senses that nobody’s home.  Having your home in ‘Eco’ mode contributes directly to using less energy.

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