Does installing a Nest thermostat save money?

Some of the things that should be considered are:

  • What type of fuel does your system use?

  • How old is the equipment?

  • What is the efficiency rating of the HVAC system?

  • What do you consider a comfortable temperature?

  • Is your thermostat running heat, air conditioning or both?

  • Would you take full advantage of features like the home/away setting?

  • How well insulated is your home?

Given these factors, will the Nest thermostat save you money?  The answer is yes.  The payback depends on your needs and preferences.  Nest has done studies showing that, on average, a smart thermostat annually  saves 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling.  I always tell my clients that if you regularly use the built in features, such as the ECO Mode and the Home/Away setting, you will beat those numbers easily.

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