My home has a radon mitigation system - should I still test for radon?

Radon is a radioactive, invisible, and odorless gas that comes from the ground, the level of which is proven to fluctuate daily. Over time radon levels change as they are impacted by weather, how high the water table is, etc. Radon gas enters a home from the ground through foundation cracks and holes for pipes or wires. A building without sufficient ventilation will then trap that radon gas at potentially dangerous levels which can lead to lung cancer.

Whether you purchased your home with a radon mitigation system already installed or have since added a mitigation system doing additional testing will provide lasting peace of mind!

Testing options include a one-time testing kit or a continuous monitoring solution. One-time test kits are available for relatively little expense. However, the test only gives one data point. We know radon levels fluctuate over time, so it is recommended to repeat the one-time test every two years. A continuous monitoring solution has a higher up-front cost. However, that one-time cost provides data points over long periods of time that become more meaningful because abnormal fluctuations are easy to spot.

Monitoring of radon levels is recommended and necessary to gain full-time peace of mind about the long-term exposure of radon to your family. There is smart technology that can consistently measure and monitor a home’s air quality - contact Smart Home Solutions LLC today at 978-969-0496 to start the conversation!

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