Does Nest just make thermostats?

While Nest stands out in the smart thermostat market with the popular Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat E, those are not the only products on their roster.  The Nest Cam family currently includes four different options to meet varying consumer needs.  The Nest Cam and the Nest Cam IQ both have an indoor and outdoor option.  Furthering the peace of mind many homeowners seek, the Nest Protect can be a great addition to your smart home.  It is the smoke and CO alarm that thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone.  It comes in both a wired and long-life battery version, meaning it has a place in your home no matter what setup you have.  If it’s a home alarm that has your attention, then Nest has you covered with their Secure solution.  With motion sensors and alarm sensors for doors and windows, your smart home will be completely protected.  Also coming soon, Nest will enter the smart doorbell market with the introduction of the Nest Hello.  Marketing materials from Nest tout features far surpassing the existing choices in the marketplace.  So, Nest is not just a smart thermostat company as their product suite reveals.  There are also many other devices in other product categories that work with Nest, making it easy to see why Nest can be the backbone of a truly smart home.

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