Too Many Choices?

In today’s economy, consumers often start their research online when contemplating any purchasing decision and the smart home technology industry is no different.  For consumers, navigating the process of choosing what technology to bring into the home will be intimidating for the foreseeable future.  While online is a good place to start, there is also demand from a large part of the consumers to have someone to speak and interact with – a website with product recommendations made in a vacuum is not enough.  Consumers will increasingly rely on smart home professionals who will ‘DIFM’ (Do It For Me) to help them navigate this marketplace, properly install the devices they choose, and teach them how to optimize the use of the devices they choose.

Smart Home Solutions understands these needs in this age of information overload and embraces the role a Smart Home Professional must play.  There are three crucial components that make up the Smart Home Professional role.

Assessment: every physical space is different.  A technician can assess the unique space to assist with choosing appropriate devices.  Part of the conversation also incorporates the consumer’s goals and any budget guidelines.  Exploring optimal locations for the devices onsite can also identify whether modifications are necessary prior to installation or if network enhancements will be required. 

Installation: technicians professionally install the chosen devices.  Our technicians have extensive experience in home modification and repair work, which ensures the cleanest and most efficient possible installation.

Education: technicians train and educate consumers on the features and functions of the chosen devices.  The time spent on this component is essential for consumers to utilize these devices to their full potential.  As an example, manufacturing claims on energy savings cannot be attained unless the device is being used properly.

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