"Wi-Fi self-service for guests"


Make access to the guest Wi-Fi self-service for visitors with a QR code!


iPhone – Wi-Fi QR code creation for a guest network.

    1. Open ‘Shortcuts’ App on your phone.
    2. In the lower right corner of the screen, select ‘Gallery.’
    3. In the top section, select ‘Shortcuts for Accessibility.’
    4. In the top section, select ‘QR Your Wi-Fi.’
    5. At the bottom, select ‘Add Shortcut.’
    6. In the lower left corner, select ‘Shortcuts’ (you might have to then choose ‘My Shortcuts').
    7. Select ‘QR Your Wi-Fi.’
    8. Select ‘Done’ with your Wi-Fi name in the text box.
    9. Enter your password and select ‘Done.’
    10. Your personal QR code will appear on the screen. Select the image.
    11. In the lower left corner, select the share icon to save the image as a photo or airdrop/text/email the            QR code to a guest.

***Pro Tip – print the image so guests can scan the QR code (self-service access to the guest network).***

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