All Batteries Are NOT Created Equal

The most common battery types are alkaline, lithium, and lithium-ion. Each type is manufactured in a different way with different materials. Those differences affect their performance in various products. When it is time to replace a battery this basic understanding of the differences will be your guide.

Traditional batteries are made from alkaline manganese dioxide and are commonly referred to as alkaline batteries. They provide good, long-term power, but lose strength over time, and they cannot be recharged. This type of battery is ideal for basic usage in everyday electronic devices like remote controls and children's toys.

Lithium batteries are made with pure metallic lithium and are primary cell batteries. They can give off a strong energy surge after a long period of low discharge. They are not rechargeable. They are lighter, cold weather capable, and designed to last longer than alkaline batteries. The energy surge capability makes them ideal for smoke alarms and other high-tech devices. They are also found in long-life, critical devices, such as implantable electronic medical devices.

Lithium-ion batteries are made with lithium compounds and are secondary cell batteries. They can be recharged and as such have an extremely long life. They are ideal for smartphones, tablets, power tools, electric vehicles, and many of the smart devices on the market today such as thermostats, doorbells, and security cameras.

The three most common battery types discussed above will meet the needs of most consumers today and into the near future. That said, battery technology continues to advance and is currently being driven by the electric car industry. Future development in that industry will trickle down into the consumer battery market over time.

Once you have made the replacement battery choice make sure you understand local regulations as to how used batteries can be properly disposed of.

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