I have learned a lot more about lighting than the average consumer, so I felt this recent experience was important to share.  At a local home improvement store recently, I found an entire aisle dedicated to light bulbs.  Some would consider this a bright idea, however, as the minutes ticked by while I hunted for the specific light bulb I needed, I became increasingly surprised by the challenging nature of the process.  I finally found the place where what I needed should be, but it was out of stock, so I had to settle for a different wattage.  It was a confusing shopping experience for what I considered a simple replacement light bulb. 
Leaving the store, it occurred to me the process I just navigated was a difficult one for most people, not to mention if it also included trying to understand the smart lighting capabilities that exist today.  Smart lighting is a maturing industry that is becoming increasingly more affordable with new options hitting the market consistently.  If you already use a smart phone or have a smart speaker in your house, then you should consider some smart lights.  Additionally, if you replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs there will be energy savings that will help offset the initial device costs.
Whether you choose features like voice controls, security lighting, wake up fades or colored bulbs there is a product for you.  Things have certainly progressed from the days when “clap on”, “clap off” was all the rage.  Implementation options are plentiful with many manufacturers providing smart switches, smart plugs, smart bulbs or all three.  The smart lighting industry has progressed now to the point where all products on the market offer voice support through one of the popular digital assistant platforms.  Smart lighting is affordable, useful, and safe.  The solutions will help you feel more comfortable daily and can help make your home feel more secure by utilizing lighting scenes that make it appear someone is home, even when everyone is out.
You would be well served to consider an upgrade to smart lights.  The features that appeal to you, the interfaces you are comfortable with, and the scope of your project will dictate which products you choose.  If you need help making those decisions, engage us for a Smart Home Assessment today.  The Smart Home Assessment is an opportunity to have a comprehensive roadmap to guide you along the journey to achieving ‘peace of mind’ as your home gets smarter.  Contact Smart Home Solutions LLC today at 978-969-0496!

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