There are four major categories that common devices fall into: climate control, security, entertainment, and lighting.  See the examples below for each category.


Marketing leader Nest works hard to educate potential customers on the basic fact that with their devices you can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere.  Ecobee, Honeywell, Sensi, and others make sure that you have a smart thermostat option no matter how your HVAC system is configured.  Powering these devices is often the only hurdle necessary to clear before implementing this technology and realizing some of the energy savings touted in the marketing.


You have the option to purchase an entire smart security system from several different providers.  Both the newer smart home vendors and the tried and true security companies have full solutions to sell you.  However, in most scenarios you can likely build your own system using a combination of cameras, doorbells or door locks, motion sensors, and door/window sensors.  Even without police/fire monitoring you can achieve peace of mind with some smart choices.


I’ve had customers do countless hours of research before deciding on what smart entertainment products to buy.  Smart speakers, smart televisions, smart projectors, smart streaming devices etc. make this category sometimes tough to navigate.  It’s also one of those categories where the price of devices can have quite a broad range, which means doing your research is important.


Smart lightbulbs and their accessories offer features such as timers and scheduling capabilities.  Most are easy to install and use.  If you go beyond bulbs and start looking to implement smart plugs, dimmers, switches, and enhanced features you will likely need some help.  In the end you’ll feel like a smart homeowner when you pair a smart garage door opener to those lights.  Opening your garage door can send an alert that will automatically turn on the lights in your entry hallway and dining room.  Combine that alert with smart entertainment components and enjoy music playing as you arrive home from work.

 Homeowners with interests in more than one category will likely end up considering a smart home automation hub.  Hubs like Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo, and Google Home can simplify daily use of most smart home devices.  Amazon and Google offer further ease of use by providing digital assistants that you can manipulate using your voice.

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