In early 2022 a new efficiency rule was finalized by the Department of Energy. It states that lightbulbs can no longer be produced that emit less than 45 lumens per watt. The rule also stipulates that retail stores must stop selling lower lumens per watt bulbs by July 2023.

It is time to learn about the other options (LED, fluorescent, halogen). LED bulbs cost more to purchase than incandescent bulbs, but they are certainly the most popular today. LED bulbs use less energy saving you money on electricity in the long run because they last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Transitioning from incandescent to LED will be good for your wallet long term and for the benefits to the environment.

Below is helpful lighting information to understand as you set out on the LED light bulb search.


  • Common belief holds that incandescent brightness is measured in watts.

  • LED brightness on the other hand is measured by lumens, not by watts. The higher the lumen number the brighter the light.


  • Warm and yellowish describe the incandescent color.

  • LED bulbs come in a full color spectrum. In most homes soft/warm white or bright white (aka daylight) most closely mirror the traditional light we expect.


  • Incandescent – low purchase price, high energy bill cost.

  • LED – higher purchase price, lower energy bill cost and longer life.

To dim or not to dim

  • Non-dimmable LEDs are sold so look carefully. These should not be used with older traditional dimmer switches.

  • Dimmable LEDs work with most dimmer switches. Dimmer switches can be upgraded if necessary.

  • Smart Bulbs use built-in technology to handle dimming without a dimmer switch and can be controlled by a digital assistant or app.

LEDs are not for every light fixture

  • If a fixture has an enclosed housing using an LED bulb will shorten the predicted life span of the bulb. Consider fluorescent or halogen bulbs for enclosed lights.

Do not get so consumed by the choices that you forget to pay attention to bulb size and shape as some lighting fixtures have limitations to consider. If you are committed to smart and/or colored lighting engage us for a Smart Home Assessment today. The Smart Home Assessment is an opportunity to develop a  comprehensive roadmap that will guide you along the journey toward achieving ‘peace of mind’ as your home gets smarter.

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