"Hello, can I get your Wi-Fi password?"

The question you hear almost every time someone new comes into your home. You may want to think twice before handing out that sacred password at the next party or family gathering. It is unlikely that your guests have any nefarious plans in mind for your home network. However, the truth remains that while connected to your network anything they download could have a virus or be infected with malware. You could be exposing all your connected devices to those threats needlessly.

Home Wi-Fi network security is extremely important with our homes becoming increasingly more connected. Using WPA2 security, having a strong Wi-Fi password, and changing it frequently are simple steps to ward off threats. An additional step would be to create a “guest Wi-Fi” network that you can direct all your visitors to use.

Most routers can create a “guest Wi-Fi” network that simply gives visitors internet access without the ability to see or interact with other devices on your network. Be sure to use a different password than your primary network.

Visitors will be able to see your primary and guest Wi-Fi networks. Share the guest password with visitors and keep the primary password for family members. Once visitors connect to the guest network, they can use the internet without accidentally introducing malware or virus threats to your devices.

Experts recommend changing your primary and guest Wi-Fi passwords every few months. If you have questions about mesh and traditional Wi-Fi networks or home automation, contact us at 978-969-0496!

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