Every year there is buzz around the NFL Superbowl advertising.  For several years these commercials have been released in the days and weeks leading up to the big game.  New this year was that digital assistants were being used by brands to sell their products.  The depiction of digital assistants as part of daily life is becoming as commonplace as the smart thermostat on the set wall of a favorite sitcom or drama.  Multiple ads this year featured Alexa and other smart speakers despite the fact these devices have not become a viable marketing channel for brands, YET.
Several years ago, an attempt by Google at advertising on its smart home speakers was quickly aborted because of social media backlash.  The unsolicited ad content was likely quite a surprise and the source of that immediate backlash.  In general terms, we all understand in what scenarios and situations we can expect to be ‘sold to.’  However, people like to have some semblance of control over these scenarios and situations.  We accept being marketed to while browsing the internet although clearly, we are not ready for our digital assistants to make movie recommendations while answering a question about the weather forecast.
The approach brands take with advertising will continue to evolve as it has for decades.  It’s not clear what new channels will be viable in smart homes, but what is clear is the work underway by brands and content publishers to solve the instant gratification challenge.  Having the ability to present relevant and interesting ads at appropriate times to consumers using the correct marketing channel can overcome that challenge.  Smart fridges to track needed grocery items for a list or to be ordered online; Smart cars that provide an autonomous driving experience making us all passengers to be marketed to; and Smart TV’s that can present targeted ads at logical breaking points during content.  At least one of these three channels will be impacting you sooner than you anticipate.
If you are ready to implement smart home technology, but aren’t sure where to start, engage us for a Smart Home Assessment today.  The Smart Home Assessment is an opportunity to have a comprehensive roadmap to guide you along the journey to achieving ‘peace of mind’ as your home gets smarter.  Contact Smart Home Solutions LLC today at 978-969-0496!

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