Claims of Wi-Fi 6 Speed Being 30% Faster are True!

Wi-Fi 6 speed is faster!

Wi-Fi 6 routers are on sale now, but it is still too early to take one home.  They are backward-compatible with devices operating on earlier versions of Wi-Fi but that doesn’t mean they can speed those devices up.  To truly take advantage of the upgraded features of 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) your devices will need to be Wi-Fi 6 capable too.  Phones and laptops are being produced with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility already, but smart home devices will trail a bit behind.  Early testing reveals that 30% faster speeds than Wi-Fi 5 are attainable.  However, the in-home internet experience for most will continue to be limited by cable internet download speeds (quickly becoming the weakest link).  When those fiber quality internet connections do become generally available, the hardware operating on W-Fi 6 will be ready to take advantage.  Keep an eye out for more developments on Wi-Fi 6.

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