Does My Robot Vacuum Collect and Share Data about ME?

Some Smart Vacuums record your home’s floor plan and your vacuuming patterns.  Your consent to the data collection was obtained when the device was first connected to the App.  You can certainly go back and opt out of this data collection but be prepared; if you opt out then say goodbye to conveniences like seeing a map of what was cleaned and the ability to send it to work by talking to your digital assistant.

Those minor data collection items above might be well worth the convenience that can be gained from the latest models to hit the market.  The smart vacuum has come a long way with improved edge-cleaning, stronger suction, and better programming.  Plus, you no longer must spend big money to get help keeping those floors clean.  Do some research though because not all models are good on every type of floor or at picking up every type of mess.  Happy cleaning!

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