What is the Monthly Nest Home Report?

The report is an email that provides information about safety events and energy use for the previous month.  Each home that you have set up in the Nest App will generate a separate email.  If you only have a camera or doorbell then the report will arrive quarterly.  For Nest Protect users the report will show a safety summary along with specific details about any device that needs attention.  For thermostat users the report contains detailed information about your energy use versus the prior month and how many ‘Leafs’ you earned by adjusting the temperature.  The report ends with the video of the month which is often something you might see on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

If you aren’t currently receiving the report open the Nest App.  Select the gear icon (Settings) at the top right of the screen.  Choose “Notifications” and scroll down to “Nest Home Report.”  Make the slider turn blue by tapping on it which will make the report generate automatically next month.

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